Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chic Up Your Shabby Sweatshirt, A Tutorial

My inspiration for today's project. The back of my catalog.
Welcome to my little "Patch-A-Heaven!" You probably know by now...I love clothes! Fashion is one of my passions!! I have expensive taste, but I don't think one has to have everything "Brand Name!" I like to buy an expensive, or Brand Name item or piece and then mix it with less expensive pieces to complete the look. I've been eyeing this "Supermodel Sweatshirt" from Victoria's Secret lately, but since I just bought a new pair of J Brands, I couldn't get myself to spend anymore moolah on myself! So I got creative, this is one of my best qualities (I think.) I see something I like or want and if I don't want to buy it, I figure out how to make it.  So that's what I did today. I already had a white shirt, some black, fine lace fabric and the Heat n Bond so I went to work. This only took me about 15 min. from start to finish. (It took me longer to choose the heart template I wanted, than to make it up!) I just looked online for a heart template, printed it, cut it out. With the fabric laying right side up I laid the heart template on the fabric, pinned it down, and cut out the heart, be careful to make exact cuts, take your time here, it will make your heart look more professional and less home-made if you make a good, clean cut.  I used Heat n Bond Lite for the iron on adhesive. I then laid the fabric heart  with right side up on to the bumpy side of the Heat n Bond. Then I cut out the adhesive heart, again cut precisely so you don't have extra adhesive hanging out the side. If you do, it's okay, just trim it off after you have the fabric stuck to it.  Next, keeping the heart on the adhesive just as I cut it out, I laid it on the ironing board, fabric side up and pressed it. (The lace I chose was fine and delicate so I used a pressing cloth in between, so the Heat n Bond, bumpy side up is down first on board, lace fabric next, right side up and then a pressing cloth over all layers.) Then press, I pressed using high heat because I had a protective layer in between, because I wanted to make sure to get a good seal between the lace and adhesive. It worked well. I then peeled off the paper layer on the back of the Heat n Bond Lite. Now the lace heart is ready to be applied to the shirt. I held the shirt up to myself and looked in the mirror to see where I wanted to place the heart. (Cuz you know those things we call boobies can get in the way of proper placement and drape!!) I pinned where I wanted the heart placed, then laid it down and used my trusty measuring device to make sure I had it centered. Then I laid the heart down onto the shirt (adhesive side down, fabric side up!) Again, I covered it with a pressing cloth to protect my lace and pressed it well. There is a difference between ironing and pressing. Ironing is quickly moving the iron over fabric, pressing is leaving it in one place for a length of time. I would keep it in place for at least 10 seconds until you have gone over the whole heart (or follow the directions on the back of the Heat n Bond or adhesive you are using) This should have adhered your fabric heart to your shirt!! I have seen lots of heart/lace appliqued tops out this season. So here's a way to stay chic without breaking the bank.
The one I made.
What you need:
Shirt (I liked white, and black lace fabric since black and white is hot this pre-Fall fashion season) The shirt could be old, new or thrifted, you choose.
Heart Template (I got mine online)
Iron on adhesive (I used Heat n Bond Lite)
Lace or fabric of your choice
Iron and board
Measuring Device (this could be as easy as a pencil marked)

This is the template I chose laying on my fabric.

My heart cut out of the lace fabric.
My lace heart laying on top of the HeatnBond Lite before pressing.

After pressing, peeling the paper layer off the back of the adhesive. Now it's ready to press onto the shirt.

What my HeatnBond Lite looks like. I bought at Joann's.

Using my measuring thingy to get it centered.

Photo bombed again! I love it though!! (One moc on, one moc off!)

Top: Fancy Ewe Creation, Jeans: J Brand High Rise Skinnys, Shoes: VS, Bag: Kate Spade

Has anyone (besides me been missing high waisted jeans?)

Hope you enjoy my fashion "Chic Up" Tutorials, thanks as always for tuning in!! Have a fancy day!


  1. You did it once again!!!! It looks fabulous! And as always you look amazing!

    1. Aw Suzi, you are the sweetest! Thanks so much!! Love ya doll!!