Monday, January 20, 2014

Kid Friendly, Healthy Snack!

 Looking for a way to get some more protein, fiber, vitamins, and omegas into your kids diet without extra refined sugar?? Well, I have something for you today that knocked my kids socks off! They have always loved peanut butter on apple slices (I mean who doesn't?!) But this time I stepped up the nutrition and added some sweet and crunchy variety! I sliced the apples in fourths, cutting out the seeds, and then cut each fourth into thirds. I put peanut butter in a pastry bag and piped it onto the apple slices (you can do this with a knife, but it looks prettier from the pastry bag!) And the same thing with the honey (pastry bag and piped it onto the peanut butter) Then for the final element of added good stuff and exciting crunch...I added Qia Superfood Cereal. I tasted this in yogurt on sample day at Costco and fell in love! I use it daily in my Greek Yogurt with a little honey to sweeten and it's Super Good! So I thought why not try it on the apples and see if I can get the kids to eat it too?? And do the kids eat it you ask? Why yes, yes they do! Not a single one was left on the plate on the trial recipe run. And my 6 year old is making more for herself as we speak. So if you are looking for an easy, yummy and healthy snack for your kids, try this! 
The honey is our home brand of Pure Raw Honey, made by our bees in the backyard. And I think honey is such a beautiful thing! It's color and texture just begged to be photographed! 


  1. Looks yummy! I will be trying!!

    1. Hi Jodie,
      Watch out...they are kind of addicting!