Monday, January 6, 2014

The Making of a Window Shade

Hi friends! Hope this New Year is treating you well!! It's the time of year when I tend to look around my house and want to fix and organize. And there is one thing that's really been bothering me! I don't sleep in very often, because I just have too much to do! But, I have a sweet little boy that loves to come into my bed early every morning and snuggle. (I mean who can resist that?!) And it never fails, we are snuggling and pretty soon the sun comes up, shines through this half round window in my room (my room faces East) the light reflects off a mirror and straight into my eye! That is a snuggle breaker for sure!! So I decided to do something about it. I made a simple, yet effective window shade. I had a Home Depot cardboard box that I wasn't using, so I measured the window and cut out a piece of cardboard to fit in the window. Then I wanted it to be prettier than cardboard so I made a cover for it out of some left over Chambray Denim fabric I had from another project. I made a couple of ruffles and hot glued them on and I think it turned out pretty good. And people....I may not leave my bed now, LOL!

Here is the window of death:

Here is the box I started with:

After measuring the dimensions of the window, I cut out the shape from the cardboard.

Then I cut out the fabric, just and inch or so larger than the cardboard, then sewed the right sides together leaving the straight end open to put the cardboard into, then when the cardboard was inserted, I sewed the end shut.

Here the cardboard has been inserted and straight hole closed.

Here is the shade with the two ruffles attached, and it in the window.

Here it is completed.

Now...the only problem I might have is not snuggling, forever!! The good thing is the shade is completely removable so if I don't get my work done I can always take the shade out!! If you have a snuggle ruining window, just make a shade and snuggle on!! I know I'm going to take every opportunity to do so while this boy still thinks it's cool!

Don't be surprised if there are lots of home improvement projects coming to the blog this month! I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I do like to clean, re-organize and fix things around my house this time of year. Hope you have a great day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"


  1. Aww, look at how cute the two of you when lying down together! A snuggle breaker indeed! Direct reflection of sunlight will undoubtedly pester anyone and make them feel like waking up on the wrong side of the bed. That aside, you did a marvelous job in covering up your window, Kacey! Wish you more luck in future endeavors!

    Roxie Tenner @ Window Treatments Philadelphia

    1. Hi Roxie, Thanks so much for coming by the blog and for your kind words. And you are so right about the light making one wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I have no excuses anymore, right?!!! Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful day!!