Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fashion trend: My Tuxedo Style

I've never been huge on the menswear inspired, tuxedo looks. They come around every several years, and just like that, they're baaack! So I was determined to find "my style" of this current trend. I wanted it to have a formal element because, well... tuxedos are! But, I also wanted it to feel comfortable and feminine. I had a gift card to Victoria Secret that I got for Christmas and they have these unbelievably amazing, sequin pants! They are the perfect pair of pants I swear!! The cut looks like a pair of slim sweats and that's what they feel like you are wearing, but then the fabric is full on sequins...all over!! Making them super fancy! So the fact that they feel like sweats and look like a disco ball...well...makes them AMAZING in my book!! Those are the pants I chose for this tux inspired outfit, making them one of the formal elements. Then to make it less formal I paired them with a new T-shirt I got at ILY Couture, it says "Holy Swoon" on the front, has stripes on the sleeves, is made of a super comfy, cotton blend and is the perfect casual element. To make it more tux, I added my black blazer, (it's old, from Express.) To make it more feminine, I accessorized with black heels. (Wishing I had some of those amazing studded Valentino's, they would be perfect!) For jewelry I made a sequined bow and wore it on my pearl necklace to mimic a bow tie on a men's tuxedo. Are you ready to try the tuxedo? I am! And here is my look:
T-shirt: IlyCouture, Jacket: Old, Express, Pants: Victoria Secret, Necklace: FancyEwe Original, Shoes: Old, don't even know what they are, wishing for Valentino's LOL!

I surprised "Handy Hubby" last Saturday night with dinner reservations at the Blue Boar Inn. We dined there last summer and wanted to return to try their "fondue for two". This is what I wore for our hot date!
If I ever hold my arms like this in a picture again, someone please whack me upside the face! 

I am not kidding when I say these are my new favorite pants! They are super comfy and mega sparkly! I may be slightly obsessed with sequins! (Okay...more than slightly!!) If you don't have a pair of these, trust me when I want some!! From my little "Patch-A-Heaven" Have a Fancy Day!!


  1. Darling! The Entire Outfit Is So Cute!

    1. Hello Heidi Hugie! Thanks for your sweet comments! And for supporting this blog. Love ya!