Friday, May 3, 2013

How Do You Ramen? (I Share My Ramen Noodle Recipe)

They are the cheapest and most bland, boring noodle ever invented. But we ALL eat them! Am I
right? (Are there any closet Ramen Noodle eaters out there?)

I have had the opportunity and really, blessing to be a student in the Banking on Women Business Course that has been taught over the past 15 weeks. This is a philanthropic program funded by GE Capital Bank (thanks GE if you are reading!) and taught by a fantastic instructor, mentor and person, Danielle Lower. I have been learning sound business principles and techniques along side 14 of the most wonderful women! I didn't know any of them prior to this class, and we only spent a short amount of time together, but I feel connected to them like friends. We are all either current business owners or aspiring business owners who have learned and supported each other these past several weeks. I can honestly say that I have learned something valuable from or been inspired by each of these determined women! You may wonder why I went from Ramens to Womens, but this post was actually inspired by one of my fellow BOW students. Her name is Kristina (I got permission to use her real name.) and she is one of the most talented bakers I have ever encountered. She makes a mean shortbread cookie! (I may or may not have gained a few pounds since starting the class lol!) One night we were all talking "business" and "funds" and she said something to the effect that she could not serve her family Ramen Noodles one more night per week! (When you are a small business owner or aspiring business owner, funds to start or run that business sometimes require you to make sacrifices and those sacrifices sometimes show up on the dinner the form of Ramens....sometimes a little too often!) Her comment inspired me to write this post about how one might liven up Ramens and still stay on a budget. (Just in case one had to endure a Ramen Noodle meal more than once per week!) I'm sure that there are countless ways to "doctor up" these curly noodles and I would love all of you to share your "Ramen" secrets! This post is not funded or sponsored by any noodle or food company. It is purely to help those who have meager means to give more variety and nutritional value to this old stand by. So you wanna know how I "Ramen?" This is how I "Ramen!" I like the beef flavor noodle packet on this recipe. And it's really my mom's idea, she taught me how to do this (thanks mom, you rock!)

You need these ingredients to liven up Ramens the way we do here on "Patch-A-Heaven":

Beef Ramen Noodle Packages, I use two, cook the noodles in water as normal, but save the seasoning packets until later. (so don't put the seasoning packet in while boiling noodles!)
Ground Beef, 1lb. browned and fat drained off
For extra yummy flavor, try minced garlic, or shallots (about 1-2 cloves should do.)
Fresh, raw vegetables of your choice chopped, about 1/2 Cup of each (I like onions, celery, onions, green/red peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)  You will want to chop the things that take longer to cook smaller. I use a cheese grater for the carrots and then chop everything else small.
Cilantro and/or green onions for garnish and some chopped up fine and sprinkled in at the end of cooking time.

Start first by chopping up/grating your vegetables so they are ready to go. Then brown your meat (I use a non-stick frying pan), drain off any fat, then add in all your vegetables, cover and cook (you can add just a TBSP water now to create a little steam to help cook the veggies) on about medium/high heat, just until tender, then set aside, but keep warm. (While browning meat you can get noodle water boiling.) Then cook noodles in boiling water until they are al dente, this takes like one minute!) Then drain and discard water. Now add the noodles into the meat and veggies and toss as you sprinkle the season packet over it all, cook about 1 minute, then sprinkle finely chopped Cilantro and/or green onions over top and serve.

Thanks Kristina for inspiring me to share our "Ramen Recipe" and thanks for letting me share in your passion for baking! I wish you the very best in your business venture and look forward to being able to purchase your culinary art!

So how do you "Ramen?" If you have a special recipe or way of livening up these humble noodles please feel free to share here in the comment section! (There are some of us who could use some new ideas on Ramens!)

Some good poor people chow right here!

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