Friday, May 3, 2013

Just a Funny Friday!

Hi everyone! And thank goodness it's Friday! It's been a craaaazy week!! I got seven more lambies, we have started 4-H practice, sheep and horse projects this year. I am sewing a ton of aprons for Mother's Day. (Getting ready to launch a new style, it will knock your socks off!) On top of normal nutso...two, yes, two washing machines gave out here. And no washing machine with the amount of laundry my peeps put out is just cause for mommy mutiny! So I am pleased to say I have a brand, spanking new machine installed and humming as we speak. (Phew....if I had to go one more day... my little bottle of B12 lozenges just wouldn't have been enough for my sanity!) On top of all this crazy I have been trying to post blog entries all week and have been having technical difficulties so I just decided to do a funny today, since it's Friday and I need a laugh. (It's at my own expense so that's okay!) I have always thought that I needed 4 more arms, and about 10 more hours in the day to accomplish what my mind thinks up. And that was just as true today. As I left the garage sink after mixing two pitchers of lamb re-placer milk, of which I had one pitcher in each hand. Then I had two bottles and no more hands to hold them (And another trip just wouldn't be efficient!) So I stuck the two bottles into the front chest pockets of my cover-alls. And I just had to laugh a little as I walked, I looked down and thought to myself, "Oh...those aren't the nipples I'm used to seeing right there!" Sorry, I'm easily amused and I really hope you aren't offended by my using the word nipple in a blog post. (They are rubber and completely G-Rated, LOL!)

Happy Friday All! Hope you had a super day!


  1. I truly laughed right out loud at this post! Hee-larious my friend.

  2. Hee, hee! I'm glad you had a good laugh and weren't offended! (Nipples and blogging...kind of risky!) Loves, Kacey