Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Kacey Wears It, Casual "Belle de Jour"

Here's a close up of the Belle De Jour Dress Available at Shabby Apple
Hi my fashion friendlies!
My first ever designed dress collection came out with Shabby Apple this Spring. And they are modeled perfectly on their website! But, I have been asked several times how I style my dresses and that folks want to see me in them. So here we go! I call this series of posts "How Kacey Wears It!"
Today I'm wearing
my "Belle de Jour" dress. This has been one of my best selling dresses and I must say I love wearing it too! It's a beautiful light orange, pleated chiffon. It's so feminine and flowy. You just can't help but do a little twirling in this baby! I have worn this dressed up and down. One of my favorite looks is to wear it casual. I wore it to a blog conference recently and received tons of compliments! I wore it with a denim jacket and my leopard calf-skin flats. It was a more casual way to style it and here is a peak at it.
                                                           Link to the Shabby Apple Website

This is how I wear it dressed down. I like it with my short denim jacket, pink lace headband, pink and coral statement necklace and my fav leopard print flats!

 (keep in mind when you look at my pics, I don't have a professional photographer. These were actually taken by my 7 year old daughter.)

Here I may be showing the pleats or I may be looking to see if the bubbles that I spilled on this dress in the Nursery at church today show up! This is real life people!!

These are my fav flats to wear with this dress. They are "Monogram Loafers" from VS online.

Here are some pics courtesy of (there is a link to their website at the top of this post) This dress is currently available in the orange, but was re-made in two other colors available soon! To view/purchase these or my other designs please visit

This one is called "Orchid" available exclusively at Shabby Apple!

This one is called "Lilac" and available exclusively at Shabby Apple!

This is one of my favorite dresses and this is how I style it casual. For the next "How Kacey Wears It" I will style it for a more dressy occasion.

                          Until then, hope you have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven"!!

                                                             Loves, Kacey

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