Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simple Floral Centerpiece

Hi friends! Things have been a little crazy around this little "Patch-A-Heaven" lately, but I think I'm finally getting a handle on it! We got 7 new lambies yesterday, and all of the others we have had for a few weeks are doing well. I have gotten the first crew trained to the feeder "machine" and they are on pasture and grain! (This makes my life a whole lot easier!) We are working with the "show lambs" they are coming along, but still pretty wild little buggers! The kids have had lots of school projects to be completed and I have finished up my Banking on Women business course, YAY! It was so great!! I have been working on some other blog posts, but am having some technical challenges so those will air soon. Today I wanted to share a simple floral centerpiece made by my 5 year old. My youngest and his baby friend were outside playing and they thought taking the daffodil blooms off was really fun! My five year old felt bad because then the flowers would die. So pretty soon she came in the kitchen to show me this!

She said "Look Mommy, it's one of those center thingys!" Now this may look really simple, and it is. And that's why I find it so awesome! It was made completely by my 5 year old and then shown to me.
I love to see my kids start to appreciate and create beauty around them. Hope this "Center Thingy" brightens your day! Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. So sweet! I'll definitely be stealing this idea the next time my son brings me pieces of flowers from the yard.
    P.S. Just browsing your shop and I love the peplum aprons. That polka/chevron combo is fantastic!

    1. I thought it was pretty sweet too! Thanks for checking out the new aprons, glad you like them!! Loves, Kacey