Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher, Episode 7, Follower Challenge: Orange!

Hi my lovely friends! A while ago I challenged you, my readers to come up with the next trend for my Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series. I chose both of the challenges! The first I want to feature is Orange. They say it's the new black, I'm not convinced, just because I think black is classic and will always be black. However, I really do like this orange trend too. There are so many orange colors to love! Bold neons, soft corals, and earthy toned oranges which is what I chose today. To accent orange I really like the leopard print and so I went with these Leopard Ariat Fat Baby's and they have a bit of orange in their stitching which is perfect! They are hard to find though! I finally located a pair at Drysdale's! The jeans are colored skinny's from a local boutique called Contagious. The light Chambray denim top is my favorite shirt! It's from a local SLC shop called Koo-de-ker. The belt I have had for years, I bought it while in Vegas for the NFR. The sweater I scored at Callister's sale! I love the Aztec print and faux fur embellishments! I accented with turquoise jewelry which I also love with orange! Here's
how I style Orange. Thanks Amy for the challenge! What is your favorite orange color this season?