Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trend Alert! Equestrian Inspired Part 2: Pony Love Skirt

You all know I'm crazy about horses! And I'm afraid it's genetic!! My girls have the horse bug too!! That is not a bad thing. As I mentioned before, I was searching for the perfect horse fabric to satisfy our love of all things equine. And to show our spirit for the equestrian fashion trend that is happening now. I found two prints that I loved. The first fabric we found and used was a snaffle bit print, we made leggings out of it. They turned out great. To see this post click here:

The other fabric we found is featured here today. I was looking on searching for knit horse fabric. I looked, and looked and looked. I couldn't find anything I loved. Then....I found just what I was looking for! Check out this awesome design by Ali Henrie!! (Funny story that I was searching for horse fabric and I happen to know Ali, so when I found this darling fabric and clicked on it, imagine how thrilled I was to find out that she designed it! Way to go Ali!)  Both of the fabrics used in our equestrian inspired looks can be found on  We chose the Organic Cotton Knit. It's so soft and stretchy, very comfy and stylish! Here is the skirt we made, we call her "Pony Love!"

We hope you have enjoyed our Equestrian Inspired Looks. Hope you have a "Fancy Day!" Much love from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

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