Sunday, November 24, 2013

Recipe Share: Salted Caramel Pretzel Smores

Welcome back to my "Patch-A-Heaven!" Do you love over the top desserts like I do?! I am a total sucker for caramel, chocolate, and all rich, delectable desserts. So much so, that my "Handy Hubby" calls me "Garbage Gut!" Geez, at least I gave him a nice, sweet name! "Garbage gut?!" Well if the shoe fits I suppose! I love my treats! So, today I bring you one of those over the top desserts! I love making caramel marshmallow krispies, this recipe is at the link below if you want to check out my most popular recipe post. (I guess I'm not the only "Garbage Gut" around! Since it is one of my all time most popular blog posts!) I'm glad to be in good, sweet company!
Revival Recipe: Caramel Marshmallow Krispies 

Today's over the top recipe was inspired by this caramel creation. And I love the original graham cracker smores (I mean...who doesn't!) But today I got to thinking that caramel and some saltiness would be a nice addition to the old stand by. So here's what I did. I made my go to caramel recipe. (Which is featured at the link above.) And I smashed up some pretzels and formed them into 5" squares and when the caramel was ready I poured it over the pretzels to completely cover the squares. Then when the caramel set up enough to cut, I cut each 5" square into quarters making smaller squares. Then I melted chocolate and spread a layer onto one of the caramel pretzel squares and sprinkled sea salt onto the chocolate and then toasted a marshmallow. And then you know how the rest goes! (Slap that baby together and enjoy the ooey-gooey goodness!!)

Here are some pics from our gooey creation today:
Caramel is ready! Here I am actually dipping a marshmallow.

Here are the 5" squares ready for the caramel.

Here they are after the caramel.
And here is one cut into quarters.

Here is one of the quarters with chocolate and sea salt.
Toasted Marshmallow.
And the end result! A Salted Caramel Pretzel Smore. Ooey-gooey, crunchy, sweet yet salty goodness. Just don't eat too many or you will be in a sugar coma and the roof of your mouth will yell at you! (it's kind of like Captain Crunch that way!)


Ingredients needed:
Sea Salt
Chocolate, whatever kind you like. I had Nestle choc chips around so I melted those.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Karo Syrup
Brown Sugar
For directions on how to make the caramel please see the link above.

Happy Sugar Coma People!!

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