Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trend Alert: Oxblood, Lips and Tips

I have always loved dark red lipstick! And I wear it no matter what, but it seems to really be trending this Fall in a big way! So today I thought I'd share my favorite oxblood inspired lip color. (Just in case this dark red thing is a little intimidating or new for you) I have lots of red lipsticks, but my favorite dark, vampy, "Oxblood" as they are calling it these days, is a MAC, called Viva Glam III. I love it with their Burgundy lip liner. (pencil) My tip for perfect red lips=Always, Always, did I say Always?! Use a liner! In order for red lips to look good (my opinion) you must have a definite line. If not, it tends to fade and/or look sloppy. And because it's darker, it is more noticeable. But don't let that scare you! Red is so fun and daring! But this Oxblood tone is a little less intimidating, a little more muted than a bright red, and a good one to start with if you are hesitant to try red. And it's perfect for Fall. So go ahead and be bold! Wear red!!
Here is a link to the MAC website and my fav dark red color Viva Glam III, they call it a muted brownish/plum toned red and it has a Matte finish (not shiny!) Viva Glam III (Truth be told I love most of the Viva Glam Colors!)
And here is a link to my favorite Burgundy Pencil for lining with the Viva Glam III: MAC, Burgundy Lip Lining Pencil
Here are some looks wearing my fav Viva Glam III:
Wearing it with my fav rock band groupie sweatshirt!

Headed to church!

Hanging with my boy at the farm!

Lounging on the couch with a baby sleeping on my chest.
And for the tips (nails) my favorite color is a Sally Hansen Insta-Dry (because who has time to wait?!) The color is 340/Cinna-snap. I've worn this for years, it's my go to for vampy red nails (or Oxblood if you please.) And you can get it at all the familiar places, Wal-mart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid etc. (and it's cheap!) I don't spend much on polish because with my lifestyle no matter what polish I choose, it doesn't last. So cheap works for me! Here are some pics of the Cinna-snap. Hope this inspires you to try this Oxblood color trend. Have a "Fancy Day!" Much love from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

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