Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Finally Starting to Look Like a Garden!

My "unsexy" garden!
Hi my awesome friends! Today I thought I'd share how the garden is starting to take shape. The
things I have planted are growing so it looks like a garden and not just dirt! Mother Nature is so amazing!! Yes, weeds are starting to pop up too, so don't look at them! Wish my garden was completely weed free, but that just ain't happenin'! (I have a life too people!) Everything is planted and growing well. We have been enjoying Swiss Chard, Spinach, Radishes, Lettuce for weeks now. Peas are almost ready! They are my all-time favorite garden veggie! I was pretty much raised in a pea patch as a small child. My Momma is one of the best gardeners I know! We used to sit and eat peas by the handfuls in her patch. Here is what's "growing on" in my garden: (And remember, I am no expert! You can do this too!!)

Can't wait for this to make corn!! This is "Gurney's Gotta Have It" Corn and it's my fav!!

Green Beans, my kids will scarf steamed "Haricot Ver" like there's no tomorrow. And this makes me happy!
Peas and Brussel Sprouts, Peas you already know I love! Brussel Sprouts, are um...ok. Handy Husband calls them "solid farts" sorry, totally gross! I'm hoping to love them more with some new recipes I saw for roasting them. We shall see!

I planted two of these Strawberry Rows this year:
Look who I found gallivanting through the garden like they own the place! "Cock-a-doodle Bruce" and one of "His Ladies!"
I planted two new Concord Grape Vines (otherwise known as "Grape Jelly Trees") along the garden fence. I already have one that has been there for years and produces nicely, however the way my kids devour Grape Jelly, I needed to plant more to keep up with demand! And since I noticed in a recent article "somewhere" that Grapes and Strawberries are some of the fruits that are sprayed heavily with pesticide when grown commercially, it makes me happy that mine are Organic!

Um...I know there are carrots in here somewhere!

Aw, there you are my lovelies!
Carrot seeds are so small and they take a long time to germinate in my hard clay soil so I don't do much, but water them until I can see that they made it up and then I thin the weeds out.

My boy grew out of his baby crib, but I didn't have the heart to throw it out. So beans and cucumbers will climb on it instead of kids!


Snap peas growing around a tomato cage
Happy Green Thumbing from "Patch-A-Heaven!"