Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fiesta Kiddo Style!

8 years ago I became a mother. I can't believe how fast time has gone by and what a special girl I get to call mine! When I asked her what kind of party she wanted this year, she replied "A Mexican Fiesta!" Now this doesn't surprise me one bit! She loves to learn words and speak them in Spanish and she is a very creative type. So I planned "A Mexican Fiesta!" We had this party in the evening and adults also came so I decided to serve "big people food" as well. Here are some ideas if you ever need to plan a fiesta:

What we ate:
 I served Pork Carnitas Tacos, they are divine! (I like the My Kitchen Escapades Recipe from Pinterest for the pork prep.) I recently ate at the Black Sheep Café in Provo, they have unique and delicious food. While there I enjoyed some street corn. So for the party I also served my version inspired by the Black Sheep Cafe's street corn. I melted a cube of butter, mixed 2 tablespoons honey and two tablespoons fresh lime juice, then brushed the cooked corn with this, sprinkled with salt, pepper, Tajin Clasico Seasoning, poured enchilada sauce over it, then sprinkled with crumbled Cacique Cotija cheese and cilantro. It was pretty darn delicious! And not a cob left!!
The beverages were a frozen Horchata (from a mix) in the blender with ice and water.
I let Cold Stone do the cake this year. Momma just didn't have it this year!!

Here is our street corn. 

Frozen Horchata anyone?

Games we played:
Pass the pepper! (I found a blow up red pepper from Dollar Tree) we played music and passed the pepper, whoever was left holding the pepper was out.
Pinata, I bought one at a local Latino Market, best piñata I have ever seen! We had to have dad whack that thing to get it open!!
We danced the Mexican Hat dance and had a Conga line (who doesn't love a little Gloria Estefan?!). We listened to Mexican music and played the maracas (got some plastic ones from Party City online)
We played Escondido (hide and seek) we played it so one person hid and the rest of us counted and then found the one person. To make it have a Mexican feel, we huddled our heads together and counted in Spanish.

Our mustache photo props.

What we wore:
I found some darling authentic Mexican made white tops with brightly colored, embroidered flowers at the necklines (at my local Hispanic Market) and some elastic waist skirts. These were both hand made in Mexico.
The birthday girl wanted Poncho's so we cut fabric in a simple square and  then cut fringe around the edges and a hole in the middle for their heads to go through, using fabric with peppers, sombreros, and cacti.
Sombreros of course! (Got these at Party City online)
I made some fun photo prop mustaches using black felt with adhesive on the back. the kids were hilarious with these!

Here I am leading the counting huddle in Spanish. (good thing I haven't forgotten everything from Spanish class, you never know when you might need it!)
The gaming pepper!

Close up of our quick, easy ponchos!

Pop rocks and a "stache" what more do you need?!

The fun back drops I found at Party City Online.

The pretty Senorita with a "stache"


  1. Such a fun party and what a great theme!

    1. Thanks! (At first I wasn't sure, but it turned out so fun!)