Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whatza Happenin on "Patch-A-Heaven"

Howdy all! Today's post is an update on whatza happenin around here. It's a crazy time of year and there's a lot going on! School is out, yay!! Let summer begin. The muchly awaited dance recital for one of my little ones is over. Still feeding about 20 lambies. The garden is in, now just waterin' and weedin.' We are enjoying the early garden veggies. Many petunias have been planted and lots of horse back riding! I must say "I love summer!" That's all for now folks, check out our pics from what we been doin' and have a fancy day!!

Proud Mama right there!

Garden is planted. (Phew, now the weeding begins LOL!)

We have been enjoying the harvest from our early veggies!
She's pretty proud of the Spinach she helped me plant!

We graduated Kindergarten!

The lambs are getting bigger and we are working on weaning them off milk.
I've been planting my flower beds. I LOVE flowers, they make me happy!
Petunias are pretty much my favorite! And I love this Magenta Color!

I did some Pink Petunias too. 
An angel came to live with us! The kids got a new horse, her name is "Angel" and she is truly that! When you can find a horse that is sweet to little kids and safe for them to ride and be around, they are worth their weight in gold!! Here is our golden angel. (Yes, sometimes we wear swimsuits and cowboy boots!)


  1. when i lived on my family farm we also has a horse names angel it looked exactly like this one but sadly we had to give her away wen our family was torn by divorce and the farm was sold i was wondering where you had gotten your angel it looks so much like ours did and if it is the same one im glad she went to a good home

    1. Hi Michael, sorry to hear about the divorce, the loss of the farm and your Angel. Our Angel was born on my Uncle's cattle ranch in Randolph, Utah. She was a cutting horse and mother to 8 babies, Then she went to live with my sister. And now she lives with us. She was owned only by my family her whole life so I don't think it was the same Angel. She will be 31 years old this year. I'm glad she reminds you of your horse, she's pretty special to us! thanks for stopping by!

  2. i appreciate your concern. I have to say im a little disappionted to hear this only for the reason that I really wish I knew what happened to our Angel she was the greatest Friend I have ever had the privilage of knowing and she was truly one of a kind. Best wishes to you and your own :)