Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Make a Mulan Hair Flower, a tutorial.

I'm back to help you with those accessories for your Mulan costume. Halloween is close and I'm trying to get our costumes ready. I love to share my ideas in hopes that I can help someone else make something! Today we are doing the Mulan hair flower. I just bought a plastic flower bunch at Wal-Mart. ($3) I only needed one flower, but I got several! So if you live close and need one, I have a bunch. The flowers are a big, white Day Lilly looking flower with a yellow pollen center.

What you will need:
Flower of your choice, plastic
Hot Glue/Gun
Hair Clip, I used an alligator clip

What I did:
I cut a flower off the bunch as close to the flower as possible so there is not a stem to deal with when gluing. Then I cut off 2 of the green leaves from the bunch. I then glued the leaves onto the clip first, one stem ends facing inward. The leaves overlap a bit. Then I glued the flower onto the leaves. And ta-da! One Mulan Flower ready to go!!

Happy Halloween!!

To see the Cricket Cage I made click here: Mulan Cricket Cage Tutorial

Stuff you need.

The leaves glued to the clip.

The finished product!

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