Monday, October 7, 2013

Putting Together a Mulan Costume for Halloween

Here's a pic of what we did:
I'm back to finish up the Mulan costume idea. My daughter already has a Kimono, we bought it at Craft Lake City this year. It's called a "Koolmono." Here is the link to their Etsy shop if you need to buy one:
I can vouch for the quality of the sewing and workmanship, very well made! (They are not paying me, I just think they have a great product and like to support handmade mom and pop shops!) This is the base of our Mulan costume. It came with the belt. Then we added a cricket cage and cricket, (see my tutorial on this blog to make one of these here)

Mulan Cricket Cage Tutorial

Then we made a flower for her hair and a red ribbon. We did a high bun for the hair do and spray painted it black using the Halloween hair spray. (Yes, it did wash out! My daughter has blonde hair.) To see the flower tutorial on this blog click here: Mulan Hair Flower Tutorial

I made a simple elastic waist skirt to go under the Kimono (that's the green/white polka dot part), I used an old, white, long sleeve T-shirt to go under the Kimono and just cut along the sleeve seam all the way from the wrist to the under arm area to make a flowy white sleeves. Then we used flip flops with socks for shoes. We used white face make up for face, then purple eye shadow and red lipstick for makeup. Because Mulan wears gold earrings we wanted to also, however I didn't want to weigh down her ears with heavy earrings so I made some earrings out of shiny gold fabric instead. To do this just find a shiny gold fabric cut out the shape you want, singe the edges with a flame to keep from fraying, then use small pearl earrings to poke through the fabric to hold the fabric in place and you have an easy, cheap, light weight, gold earring! Hope these few hints help you make an awesome Mulan costume this year! Happy Halloween from "Patch-A-Heaven!!"
The cute "Koolmono"

Hair Flower.

Cricket Cage.

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