Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trend Alert! Equestrian Jodhpur Inspired Leggings, with some Jackie style.

I am absolutely in love with the Equestrian Trend, always have been! (Probably because, well I am an Equestrian!) So to say that I'm over the moon excited to see it at the top of mainstream fashion trends is understatement!! I have been wanting to make my daughter some equestrian  "jodhpur" inspired leggings, but have had such a hard time finding the perfect fabric. So one day while carousing the Spoonflower site I found some really great fabric! I chose the white, organic cotton, knit in a "Dee-Ring" Snaffle Bit print. And sewed them up. I did this while she was at school and hoped it worked out! I am pleased to say that I am in love and they turned out just as I had hoped! Easy too!! When thinking about how to style these darling britches (or should I say breeches?!) I got swept away in a Camelot sort of vision. I have always loved Jacqueline Kennedy's style and I know she was a true equestrian, so I went with a styling that I think screams Jackie! I love the navy, red, denim colors with the snaffle bit print. And plaids are another trend of noteworthy mention this season so I had to throw some plaid and print mixing in too! I thought a silk scarf worn retro over the head and a big pair of sunglasses was the stuff! Then for the first thought was paddock boots, then I thought we needed a little cowgirl flare. So we styled with red cowgirl boots. Hope you like it! From "Patch-A-Heaven" here is our take on the following trends: Equestrian, leggings, plaid, navy and print mixing done "Littles" style!

This is a "Mom, not cool!" face.
Inspiration for this look from the pages of Vanity Fair. The Kennedy Special Edition.
More from Vanity Fair!

Can you say attitude?!

Here we have styled the bit leggings with a more traditional pair of English Paddock Boots.

And then look what I found! A total throw back!! This is me and my pretty mare Shorty. RIP my good friend!

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