Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does 3 send you over the edge?

When I was pregnant with my son (about a year and a half ago), people told me "having two kids is easy, it's the third that will make everything harder". I have never really felt that way, until today that is! 3 kids in tow seemed about the same to me as when I had two, except when at the local swimming pool!! I must say, I'm glad I still have all my hair (I didn't lose it all worrying that one of them was drowning while I was making sure another wasn't taking on water!) My 15 month old little boy requires my complete and undiverted attention at a place like that, but I must look away at times to make sure nobody has snatched up my pretty girls and that they are still afloat! Talk about wishing I really had eyes in the back of my head, could have used them today. And speaking of floating, I don't think those girls could have sunk if they tried. (picture the boy from the Christmas Story, when he had so many winter clothes on he couldn't move, only in our case it wasn't clothing, it was floaties.) My girls had multiple floatation devices in use! I just had to look for the pile of floating plastic and they were in the middle, safe and sound! I love my kids and having fun with them, even if it freaks me out sometimes! So I guess three can send you over the edge! (hee, hee!)

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