Monday, June 4, 2012

What's in your garden? Recipe for my version of Boursin Filet, part 1

I am always trying to come up with new ways to cook/use what fresh ingredients I gather from my garden. Right now I have beets (and their greens) and chard to find a new way to prepare for dinner tonight. I don't eat out a lot, but I love when someone else cooks for me! I hate when you eat something at a restaurant and then return only to find that your favorite dish is no longer on the menu. My favorite dish at The Macaroni Grill used to be the Boursin Filet. It was a filet Mignon steak over smashed squash and topped with a gravy and Boursin cheese. It was rich and very delicious! It was not on the menu the last time I ate there, so I am attempting to re-create this dish with my own style. Here goes, instead of the squash (because it isn't yet in season in my garden), I went with mashed potatoes, topped them with steamed beet greens, steak on top, covered with a mushroom sauce and Boursin Garlic and Herb cheese. I must say it was a hit! (I'm starting to think that my husband is just easy to please though and I'm not an extraordinary cook!) He likes just about everything that I put in front of him, which is great! But this was one of my favorite eat out meals and I did end up loving my version too, even better I think. (Must be the home grown greens!) I will attempt to recall what I did to create this dish in case any of you want to try it.

Filet Mignon (or your favorite cut of steak) Grilled to your desired doneness.
1-2 Cups Mushrooms, stemmed and chopped
1 clove Garlic, minced
2 Tbls. Butter
1-2 Cups Red Cooking Wine
1 beef bullion cube
1 Can Campbell's Beefy Mushroom soup
Boursin Cheese, (whatever flavor you like, I used Garlic/Herb)
Cornstarch in water to thicken to your desired thickness
Potatoes for mashing
Beet Greens, washed and steamed until tender

Boil and mash potatoes using whatever recipe you like, keeping warm until ready to serve.  Steam beet greens. Grill steaks while making sauce. To make sauce, in sauce pan melt butter, add garlic and mushrooms cook until tender, remove from pan, de-glaze pan with red wine, add beef bullion cube and soup, boil for about 15 min. and thicken at the end of that time with a cornstarch/water mixture, when thickened add mushrooms back in, heat to warm. To plate, place mashed potatoes on first, then beet greens, then steak and top with mushroom sauce and Boursin cheese. Enjoy!

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