Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Sweet Gift Idea!

I like to show my thanks when someone does something nice for me or my family, but sometimes I think it can be hard to find a gift that fits for just about anyone. Well here's what I came up with! As you know I have bees that make delicious honey and it makes a fantastic gift. It's "home made", generous (considering honey bees must visit 5 million flowers to produce a pint of honey), it's delicious, and can be used in so many different ways! So I used one of our quart mason jars filled with honey, cut out a big circle of honeycomb patterned fabric to use as a decorative top and made a cute card using free clip art I found on the internet of a bee. There are so many clever ways you can use the word "bee" in the card. I chose to say on my card "I will always bee grateful for the kindness you have shown me." If you don't have beehives of your own, honey can still be a sweet gift. Find a local beekeeper to buy from or better yet start your own hive! There can never bee too many bees in our world!!                        

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