Saturday, June 2, 2012

Together Time!

Twelve years ago today I changed my last name and began a life with Mr. Matt Kalmar. Time has really flown by and I love the guy more now than ever! We had the opportunity to sneak away from our kids for a little anniversary celebration. It wasn't long, but was well worth it. We stayed last night in Midway at the Zermatt Resort/Hotel. We ate yummy food, walked, laughed, ate gelato, talked as we walked some more. It was a beautiful spring evening. We had a nice relaxing time, slept in until 10:00am, don't remember the last time I slept that long! Then this morning we headed off for some fun at the Park City Mountain Resort. It's a ski resort but during the summer time they have lots of other fun outdoor activities. You can ride the ski lift up the mountain and either ride a zip line down, or the Alpine Slide, which is a concrete or fiberglass slide that you can  ride a sled down...super fast and super fun! I loved the slide, and the zip line was a rush, but my favorite attraction was definitely the Alpine Coaster. It is a sled also, but it attaches to a metal track so you can go as fast as you want and don't come off the tracks (like you could on the slide because you aren't attached to a track). What a rush! Matt and went separately and together, we liked together better because with our combined weight we could get that sled going so fast! Our kids were so mad when we told them where we had been without them, but sometimes mom's and dad's just need some time together away from their beloved children. We don't get to do this sort of thing very often, I think it's probably been 2 years since we left our kids overnight. It was a nice contrast of rest/relaxation and pure adrenaline rush! The slow, quiet, relaxing lift ride allowed for private conversation, beautiful scenery and lovely mountain smells. While the rides back down were anything but relaxing. They were fast, exciting, wind blowing through your hair, screaming all the way down fun rides! This super short, but super fun getaway was just what we needed to stay connected as a couple. Marriage is like a plant, without care nurturing it will surely die. Don't forget to spend some time just the two of you and have fun together!

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