Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Girls Maxi Skirts, Tutorial on it's way!

I know I have said this before but, Shirring/Smocking is my new favorite thing to do in my sewing! I love it! I just can't stop!! (If you aren't familiar with this technique I'm sure there are lots of online tutorials available so I would start with learning the technique then come back to this tutorial to make something using the technique. Basically it is using long/baste top stitches and elastic bobbin thread stitches to pull the fabric in and make it stretchy.) So I created some cute new maxi skirts for my little girls using the shirring or smocking technique on the waist band and they turned out well. I will be doing a how to make a little girls maxi skirt tutorial on the blog later this week, but here is a glimpse of the ones I made for my girls. These are simple and fast to make, even for beginners! They are very comfy to wear. (Trust me on this one, my kids are all about comfort and are less concerned with fashion sense right now. So if they weren't comfy, they would not get worn. And they have worn them a lot!!) And here they are!!

This one features a shirred/smocked bow bracelet and shirred/smocked headband accessories made to match. 

Accessories feature bow bracelet and coordinating fabric bow  belt.

The accessory on this one is a white fabric/lace corsage bracelet. (See fabric corsage  tutorial if you want to make one.)

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