Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There is just something therapeutic about the equine species!

Wow, where have the last 4 days gone?? There are so many things going on around here lately, it's hard to keep up! I almost forgot I had a blog, no not really, but it seems like I just posted something and then I realize 4 days have gone by. I've been busy with a huge custom wedding sewing job, I started a 4-H horse group this summer and our first horse show is this Saturday, so we have been riding a lot! And all the other stuff that comes with that like new horse shoes, trimming their hair, washing all the tack and blankets. And as I was holding the horse so my husband could put new shoes on him, I decided what I wanted my next blog posting to be, about horses. I have always loved horses from the time I was really small and they were soooo big! And 35 years later, I still can't live without them! There are so many things I love about horses. As I was holding "Tank" (our 20 year old, sorrel quarter horse) he had his muzzle resting near me and I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder. This made me think about all the little things I would miss if I never had a horse again. And that was one of them, a horses muzzle is one of softest places on earth, and my favorite place to pet mine! I love to look into their kind, gentle eyes. And,  I love their smell, (I'm not talking manure here!) it's an inviting, earthy aroma and smells like home to me. I have had so many great horses in my life and in each one I found a most loving and loyal friend. They will listen to any problem in a most understanding way, yet never offer an "I told you so" or "you should have". As a teenager I worked at a barn that used horses as therapy for children with disabilities and I can see why. Just being around a horse is therapy for me. Some people have Prozac, I have horses.  They just make me smile. And that's before I even get on. Riding them is even better! It can be so relaxing to venture off into the outdoors on horse back or so thrilling to run a horse around the barrels! I lost my favorite horse "Shorty" this last Dec. She was almost 24 years old and had been mine since she was 3 years old. So we had a lot of good times together, that was like losing a child for me. She was my life before I had kids of my own and super hard. I'm sure horses get to go to heaven, and someday I hope I get to see all the sweet equines that have made my life richer, grazing together in the green pastures of heaven.

That sweet spot on the muzzle I was talking about is right in that shadowy spot, sooo soft!

Warm breath on my shoulder? Yep, that's what I'm talking about!

My favorite horse "Shorty" and I a way long time ago, when I was a 4-H'er.

Hope she's in the nicest green pasture in the sky! She was one in a million!

The next generation of horse lovers, my little Mattie.

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