Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher is born!

The next generation of fashionable farmers. She wore this to school today of her own accord (Lord knows I can't tell her what to wear anymore!) As she got off the bus, she almost blinded me with that shirt and those boots sparkling in the Utah sunshine!

This may sound absolutely disgusting to some. And I really don't mean to offend, but this post really was inspired by manure! I posted about green being the "it" fashion color this season and in that post I included a picture of a boot in manure. (Stooped to a new low level....I know, Fashion Inspired by Manure!) However, after that post I started thinking (and that is a scary thing!) I thought about how I love fashion and I love farming and ranching so why not combine them, a little more purposefully?! You all know, I've posted before about my problem with fashion split personalities. Sometimes I look like a walking Pinterest Board, sometimes like a Dirty Sheepherder. (And what's more disturbing is that I'm okay with it!) It's a rare condition, I don't think it's even been medically discovered. I love, love, love haute couture (really out there high fashion...the French stuff), runway trends and pretty feminine clothes. But, I was also raised from the time I could walk, working alongside my dad on the sheep herd. (Quite the opposite of the french runway!) Wearing boots, jeans, cowboy hats and the like. Dad probably always wished we were boys (my sister and I), but nevertheless, she and I experienced the rural farm upbringing at it's best. There were no restrooms out on the range. (An outhouse...if you were lucky!) No power for curling irons and such luxuries. I remember laying as still as I could on my back to sleep so my hair wouldn't get messed up, because there was no way to re-do it in the morning, (this was back in the day when bangs were sky high! And I was in Jr. High so I cared.),  long hot or cold days, hard and dirty (sometimes gross) work. Drama or diva behavior was not tolerated out there! Even though this lifestyle is anything but glamorous, it is a way of life that I still love to this day! I'm so glad my dad taught us how to work hard, that what we did meant something to the world, to love the land and animals in our care and how to have grit! It taught us to have determination, passion, strong work ethic, perseverance, patience and a certain toughness that just can't be learned any other way! We may have been girls, but we were as tough as any boy! I have a little sister who is being raised this way now. I'm telling you boys "Watch out for this one! She can beat the pants off of you!" There's a line that comes from one of my favorite westerns "McClintock" that says "if she goes your way, she'll be all show and no stay!" (If you have never seen this show, it is a classic. Go and watch it! Some of the best phrases I hear come from that show.) I can appreciate a gal that looks pretty in clothes, but I can admire a gal that can prove more than just show. And that's what farmers and ranchers do. Everyday they put their heart and soul, sweat and tears into raising crops and animals. And this post is dedicated to them, those who are more than show, they have "stay!" Even though I'm not afraid of getting dirty and working hard, I do so love to get dressed up in "going to town clothes!" And so a new idea for this blog was born. I like to call it Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher! (No...I will not be wearing heels to feed lambs or fancy dresses to brand calves!!) That's just not practical,and farmers and ranchers are just that...Practical! I am however, going to share with you some ideas of things I would wear for my dirty work that may have been runway or trend inspired. The thing about farmers and ranchers, they are usually frugal and humble. They make do or they do without! Their clothes need to be sturdy and functional and my hope is that I can deliver inspiration for fun outfits that are both fashionable and functional.  I will still be posting about runway trends and "going to town" fashion. I just thought it would be fun and true to my roots to add Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher to the mix. I want this to be fresh and fun! And I hope you will enjoy my interpretation of fashion mixed with farming and ranching.
I'm working on the first fashion piece so until then I say "Ya'll come back, ya hear?!"

Here I am sporting faded brown "chorin" coveralls and green irrigation boots. (So last season! Pun intended since this was actually from last year.) No ladies, you cannot find these on Fifth Ave...You'll have to hit the local IFA for these babies!

Some good looking lambs from last year.

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