Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kids Holiday Tree Craft: Easter

You have seen my kids "Holiday Tree" transform for each holiday and I'm happy to say it has finally gotten to Easter! This is the one that inspired it all. I started this tree because my mom had one like it when I was a child and it was just an Easter tree. And I have fun memories of her tree. So our family started this tree, the difference from Mom's is that we decided to leave ours up all the time and change the decorations for each holiday or season. I am happy to say that the kids have loved it! They enjoy crafting, so it has given us a fun activity to do together frequently. Yesterday the kids and I adorned the tree with Easter decorations. I think it's my favorite one yet!

 Here's the tree decorated for Easter:

For instructions on how we made the tree you can view the blog post called "The making of a Holiday Tree, a nostalgic craft" on this blog. We started it this year for Valentine's Day and will continue to change the ornaments for each season or holiday throughout the year.

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