Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Kacey Wears It... Black and White

I'm still stuck on NYC Fashion Week, someday I might actually get there in person. Until then, I will fantasize about it! Ha, Ha! Well one of my favorite looks from this year's Spring Trends is wearing black with white. There was a lot of black and white with geometric patterns on the runway this season. As I thought about what to wear today, black and white came to mind. Black and white are simple and classy, I think. I still like to add a pop of color! (That's why my bag and shoes are pink!!) I love pink!!! A bright, neon yellow would be a good "pop color" too, instead of pink. Black, white and navy is a good choice too. I wore this pretty plain white blouse tucked in just in the front and let the rest hang. The jeans are stretchy skinnies that I rolled once at the bottom, the cropped look on pants is in. When putting this outfit together, it needed something...So I added a black and white polka dot print around my neck. Statement necklaces are still a hit so why not a "statement neck tie?" I love a little vintage in my wears, so I tied this neck scarf "Secretary" style. I think it completes the look. What do you think?

I love pulling things out of my closet and wearing them in new ways to stay on trend. None of the clothes in this look are new, just worn in a different way! Find joy in your closet!!

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