Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Beginning to look like Spring!!

I hate winter! (And I live in Utah...what is wrong with me?!) So when the snow starts to melt and it warms up a little, I get excited! The sun has been out for a few days, the snow is melting. I can see my garden dirt and I've ordered my garden seeds, it's beginning to feel like Spring! I have to show you what I found today though when the snow melted, I got a surprise. And not of the good nature. I get gophers and moles a lot where I live. (I think I need to build an owl house!) These burrowing creatures usually make lots of mounds of dirt in my horse pastures, and I deal with it. But this time they have gone too far! Mr. Mole, we are sooo not friends! This is what I found when the snow melted off my front yard lawn.......Looks like Mr. Mole was making some kind of artwork on my grass.  I don't want this post to be a downer, because really, really I love Spring. It's sunny, warm, rain, cleansing, renewal, gardens tilled and planted, baby lambs are born, bees start to buzz, tulips bloom. (Oh...and Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. I love that!! Extra daylight to play outside!!)There are so many things to appreciate about this season. What's your favorite thing about Spring?

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