Monday, March 11, 2013

How Kacey Wears It...Green!

Green is the color of the season. Emerald, to be more specific. Pantone has deemed Emerald the "it" color for Spring and going into Fall. Are you green with envy? I personally love this color. It's very snappy and energetic! I think green is great!! Here's how I wear green.
In this outfit I am wearing my dress "Pacific Play" sold exclusively through, and a green cardi (because even though Spring is coming, it's still pretty cold here in Utah!) I got the cardigan at a local boutique called Contagious. I accessorized with Hot Pink and a Coral Orange as seen in the shoes and necklace/earrings. I wear it with my bright pink, Kate Spade handbag. I love to accessorize green with either other brights like pink (of course!) or I also love electric purple or bright blue (cobalt) with green. The other colors I like to accessorize green are leopard prints and crisp black and white.

This is how I wear green:

To church on Sunday
And I wear green like this when I'm working out in the field.
And sometimes I even wear green like this!:
Oh my..I'm so sorry! That is not Emerald!! However, I do find myself "wearing" plenty of this color this time of year. I's a very glamorous life. (Insert sarcasm) And hopefully you all have a sense of humor. (Maybe not as demented as mine!) But, I've got to keep this blog a little bit country! You know I have split personalities right? I love high fashion, runways, pink purses and heels. But, you've also got to know that I'm a country girl (on purpose) and I'm not afraid of a little dirt (or manure in this case lol!) All I can say is "Thank goodness for Muck Boots" because that stuff would really ruin my pink heels!
 So how do you love to wear green this season?

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