Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Planting on "Patch A Heaven"

Ya know when Forrest Gump says "Life is like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get?" I've decided that this blog is a lot like that! Some days you get...sewing, some, some And believe me, I have debated many times whether to narrow down the topics a bit. However, I just keep going on with the random. And I think that is just me! So thanks for tuning in to my randomness. Today was an absolute beautiful day in Utah!! Here's what happened on my little "Patch A Heaven" this afternoon: I've been watching my garden dirt for a few days, waiting for it to be dry enough to till. Here where I live, you will usually get just a few days in March where it's dry enough to till and plant your garden before the rain starts. And if you miss that window you can't get the early garden in. (I'm talking peas, spinach, lettuce, radishes, things that are ok to plant in the cold) You should have those early things in by Mar. 15 around here. So I've been watching the dirt, checking it with the shovel to see if the dirt sticks to the shovel (this is my test method) if it sticks=too wet, so wait. Well yesterday there was no sticking so I knew as long as it didn't rain today, I was good. We got a beautiful, sunny day. It was perfect. I got the small section of my garden (where I plant the early stuff) tilled and planted. The kids love to help and I love them to help. Playing in the dirt (otherwise known as gardening) is one of my forms of "Prozac" along with exercise and riding horses, playing in the dirt makes me happy! I've always said it's good therapy. And after a long, cold winter it was just what the Dr. ordered. I did have a slight hiccup in my afternoon of bliss when I opened up the greenhouse to get some tools and found this!:

What the.....there's a jungle growing in here! How did that happen?! Well I guess it might be time to replace the black fabric that I have as the floor in the greenhouse. It has lasted since we built it about 5 years ago. (The sun has rotted it around the edges allowing weeds to grow up inside from the outer edge.) What a nightmare! The weeds obviously loved the nice growing conditions I created for them...they were as tall as trees! And there is no wind in the greenhouse so all the seeds were still on them. And they were the smallest, fluffiest seeds I have ever seen. Let's just say I will be sneezing them out for the rest of the week! I had them in my hair and everywhere. So I took a little break from my dirt playing bliss to deal with this little surprise.

Aw, now that's better! That was a nasty job and I'm glad it's over. Now back to the blissful gardening experience.

Here are the girls planting the peas. They love the job of sprinkling the seeds. And even though when they do it the rows aren't exactly straight, it's okay. I love having them garden with me!

The boy took his turn sprinkling seeds too. We call this practicing our fine motor skills! Small seeds are hard to pick up!!
And he did it! This row will be extra "all over" but it's so fun to see him enjoy gardening too.

Happy Spring from "Patch A Heaven!"

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