Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Adventures on "Patch A Heaven"

Playing with the fluffy chicks at IFA.

Have I mentioned that I love Spring? Well...maybe just a few times lately! Sorry, it's been a long, cold winter here in Utah, so to have warm, sunny weather just makes me giddy!! It's been a busy week here on "Patch A Heaven." When all the snow melts you can see all the things you need to clean up (or things you forgot to do last year before the snow fell!) So this week we have been on garbage clean up (lots of garbage seems to blow in and then get covered with snow), taking down electric fencing, cleaning out chicken coops, tilling and planting gardens, starting and tending seedlings in the green house, fertilizing pastures and lawns, we have had a very productive week and it makes me feel good (mostly because I have felt the sun on my face as we have completed these tasks.) We also took a trip to the local feed store, IFA to get some muchly needed Spring items. One of my kids favorite things about our trips to IFA this time of the year is seeing and playing with the bunnies and chicks. This trip was no different. The baby animals had arrived in all their fluffy, sweet spendor! And the kids were elated!! (I have been debating getting them a bunny for Easter, but don't tell them yet, it's a surprise!) They will freak out! I'm pretty sure it will be one of those "You are the best mom ever" days and I love when I can have those! (Because I am not the best mom ever, but I love when my kids think so...if even for just a minute.) Here are some pics of our Spring adventures here on "Patch A Heaven."

Putting our new chicks away at home. (We like Barred Rocks!)

Cute little crates to bring chickens home. (Much better than a cardboard box!)
Taking down electric fence in the field. Love feeling those warm rays on my back!


The above picture is a good example of why I have nick named this man "Handy Husband."
Here he is using a drill and screw driver to roll up hundreds of feet of electric fence tape. Can you say genius?! (Doing this by hand takes forever and is a big pain.) His ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! This is one of the many reasons I married this man, he's just so handy! (Oh..And he does it with a monkey on his back!)
What are some of your favorite childhood memories of Spring?


  1. Awww.. cute chickies! And family! I think the warm sun is the BEST!!! Especially, after the worst winter ever! Oo oo, and all the flowers poking up! Love it! -Erika D.

    1. Hey Erika, I'm loving the tulips and bulbs starting to pop up too!! Spring is so great! Thanks for stopping by, Kacey.