Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shopping at Costco is not for sissies, lol!

You all know that I love my children dearly, I mean I sacrifice my own wants, desires and sometimes needs so I can stay at home to raise them. And I wouldn't trade it! However, shopping with my dear children is not one of my favorite things to do! I try to avoid it at all costs, especially if I need to try anything on! But today, hubby needed me to bring him some tools to a job site in Provo (about 20 minutes from our house) where he was working. (My other job title besides mom is gopher, I go fer this and I go fer that, I'm pretty good at it.) So I thought I really need some things at Costco so I should just continue on into Orem since I'm already so close. What was I thinking? I usually make hubby go with me to carry all the giant, heavy boxes, but I figure, I can do this...On the way onto the freeway I hear from the backseat, "mom, I have to go to the bathroom!" (Mind you, we just left home where she just went), but when nature calls it's usually not a convenient moment. I say "can you hold it?" "Yep, she says. We drop needed stuff off to hubby and venture to the giant box store! Once we get scanned through the door we make a run for the potty, where my oldest gets herself locked in the stall. I almost had to crawl underneath to rescue her, so glad I didn't have to do that. She finally got the jammed lock to release. Now we are a baby in the front seat belt, 2 girls hanging off the sides of what they call "the Kalmar express", they pretend it's a train. With all the noises of course. And I don't know what provokes children to jump off the moving train trying to dodge the oncoming traffic, but it seems fun! With every isle the train gets loaded down heavier, and heavier. Should have eaten my Wheaties today! There are no lane restrictions or rights of way, it seems it's every man for himself! After answering no about a zillion times to "mom, can we get this", we are ready to check out. Of course there is a long line and my baby has had enough of the cart and is screaming, so I'm holding the cute little guy. Who is getting really heavy about now. I enlist the girls to help unload the cart, they are very good helpers! We made it through and that berry smoothie I get on the way out makes it all better. Yes, shopping at Costco with children is not for sissies!


  1. I try to avoid grocery shopping with my darling children! I can't even imagine Costco. Everything in that place is huge or comes in two's. You are a brave mommy :)

  2. I'm not sure it's bravery, I think it might just be...I'm nuts!