Monday, December 2, 2013

Handmade Cowgirl Country Christmas Tree Series, Episode 2 Making Beaded Ornaments

Somehow December is here and Christmas is right around the corner! I am hoping to have my Christmas tree up and begin decorating this afternoon. But...first I need to finish all my ornaments! So here is the next idea for making a hand made Cowgirl inspired tree. Cowgirls love bling! They seem to gravitate towards the color Turquoise and all things shiny. So here's my ornament representing the Cowgirls love of beads, jewels and bling!

Here's how I did it if you want to make some of your own.

What you will need:
Thin gauged jewelry wire
Beads, I liked the colors red and turquoise with silver and clear spacer beads and then used some boot, hat and saddle pendants.
Jewelry making tools such as Wire Cutters and Benders
Ornament hooks
Fabric Scraps for bows if you wish
A finished ornament with lace bow.

Cut a piece of wire as long as you want, thread the wire through a smaller sized bead and then bend wire back up toward the original strand of wire and wrap around itself.  Then string the other beads on as you like covering up the wrapped wire, continue adding beads until you get the size you want then at the end make a small loop by bending the end of the wire into a circle to make loop and wrap the end around itself to secure, then attach a hook to the loop and hang! I finished mine off with a small cream lace bow at the top.

These are super simple and fast ornaments that represent the Cowgirl Spirit!

Stay tuned for more Cowgirl inspired ornaments coming soon!!

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