Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series, Episode 9: Camel, Cowgirl Layers and Fringe

Hi friends! I had to get my mind off of my Cowgirl Tree for a minute. (I am becoming a little obsessed with her...just a little!) So what better topic to get my mind to switch should do the trick!! Today I bring you the current fashion trends Camel (the color), Layers and Fringe. All are trends worthy of mention these days. You may have noticed I have worn most of the components of my outfit before today. None of them are new, but that's what makes it great right?! I am a "fashion blogger" however I don't have companies lined up to get me to wear their stuff. (Yet!!) So I am just like you...I have a budget and I have to figure out ways to wear the clothes I already have, but in fresh new ways! That can be a challenge to not let your looks get stale when you have the same clothes to work with, but it can be done. For today's look I went with my favorite fashion staples: My J Brand blue, high waisted skinnies (I pretty much live in these jeans and let me tell ya..."Pajama Jeans" ain't got nothin' on these babies!) They are comfy yet stylish. And the other thing I can't live without is my light denim chambray button up shirt. (I may or may not have counted it a total of 7 times in my IG feed!) That means I like it...a lot! But it goes with everything and I love that about it!! Layering is in right now and that is perfect because it's cold outside!! The trick is to layer without creating too much bulk in areas. So to lessen this I tucked in the chambray shirt then layered the Camel colored knit dress over the top. The knit is clingy which is good so I don't look bulky. And keeping the shirt tucked keeps it smooth around the middle. I then layered on my fav Brown Concho belt. I love the leggings and skinny jeans to layer with. In this case I went with skinnies. I love them tucked into these amazing 5 layer fringe mocs from Minnetonka. They are comfy, yet stylish! And for the last layer I went with my colorful Powder River Outfitters (Panhandle Slim) fringe sweater jacket. It has Turquoise and Dark Red colors in it so I accented the look with Turquoise jewelry and Oxblood nails.
 Here is my Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher look for today. And yes it just keeps snowing here!  Which I try never to complain about! I hate the cold, but I sure like to be able to irrigate in the summer bring on the snow!!

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