Sunday, December 8, 2013

Handmade Cowgirl Country Christmas Tree, Episode 5: Belt/Buckle Ornaments

Welcome! I have about decided that in order for me to get to some other important things in my life (such apron orders that are stacking up, buying and wrapping my family's presents, and really enjoying the true meaning of Christmas) that I may have to continue this series next year and maybe the year after that...and you get the point! I have become a little bit OBSESSED with getting this tree done and I'm really happy with "her" but in the sake of time I need to stop somewhere this year! (I still have so many ideas for other ornaments that will have to wait!)

So having said that, I have just a few more ornament tutorials for ya this year. The one I am featuring today is one that was inspired by a Cowgirls Belt and her buckle. Of course she has many! But if she is a rider, she probably has a special one. One that she probably won. While I was picking up a few last minute supplies at the Tandy Leather shop I noticed they had these great Barrel Racer Conchos and they were in an oval shape like a buckle would be. So I just had to get them! And did I mention they were on sale!! Score!

Here is what I did:
I cut strips of leather with my leather scissors, they are about 1" inch wide and about 6" long. I punched holes into the leather to attach the concho at one end, then punched 3 holes in the opposite end to look like belt holes. I tapered the end with the 3 holes also. Then I used my leather tools to hand stamp/tool then leather in between. Lastly I attached a piece of Leather Lacing to the concho to hang. I stained some of my leather ornaments with a dark brown stain, I love them, however they don't show up as well as the natural lighter leather color when placed against the dark green tree background.

Here is how they turned out!

Here they are without the tooling.
Here they are completed!
Tandy Leather also had some really great horse conchos and gold stirrups that I used to make a few signature ornaments.

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