Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher, Episode 8: The Blazer, styled with Cowgirl Charm

Hey friends! My little "Patch-A-Heaven" is a blizzard today! As I walked my 2 heavy, garbage cans out to the road this morning I couldn't help but feel what the early Handcart Pioneers must have felt as they trudged their way through ice and snow making their way out West! "Will I ever get there?" As the wind blew giant snowflakes into my face! The snow was piling up, the can wheels were crusted with ice and were dragging instead of rolling. It may seem like I'm exaggerating a bit here, but it's a really long way from the back of my yard, down my lane and out to the road! And I had to do it twice!! (Thinking about it now I should have just loaded the cans up into the bucket of the Backhoe and made this all easy on myself!) Guess I was glutton for punishment! And I guess I'm also "not the sharpest knife in the...place where they keep the knives!" But now that I have admitted that....Here's today's Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Post!

Though this gloomy day started off a little rough, it called for an outfit that is bright and happy! A while ago I challenged my readers to pick the next trends they wanted to see featured on my Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series. I chose both of the challenges that were suggested. The first challenge was "Orange" and if you missed that and want to see how I style Orange, just click on this link: http://fancyewe.blogspot.com/2013/11/fashionable-farmerrunway-rancher.html

The other challenge suggested was Blazers. They are oh so everywhere this season. And that is the trend I bring you today. The other hot thing I decided to pair with the Blazer today is pink. If you ask me on any given day, at any moment what my favorite color is...it will always be PINK! I love pink!! (Just ask my Bridesmaids, they had to grin and bear it wearing pink for me!) And there are so many hues to adore, like Blush, Pastels, Baby Pink, Hot Pink and then there's "THE" pink! The one of this season seems to be this bright, berry hued pink! I found these great, comfy legging-like jeans from a shop called The Rusty Rose, they were just the hue I was looking for. The Blazer is a black, Rayon/Nylon/Spandex number that I got at Express many moons ago. It has a somewhat "all business" look to it, but I can tone that down a bit with some cowgirl charm! (And it's perfect since I have some business meetings this afternoon.) Even though I'm a business gal, I'm not afraid to let my personal style show through. (I guess this is another perk of being the owner, you can wear whatever you want and no one says anything!) The boots are old also, Lucchese Sting Rays. The top is a white chiffon with black polka dots, which I got last Spring from VS, it also helps break up the "all business" Blazer and make her more fun! To pour on the Cowgirl Charm I added my black blingy belt with extra large conchos (also old, but still love!) and my blingy steer head necklace that my mama made me years ago. (Yes, again...old!) So mostly this outfit is old, but still on trend! If you wanna get real trendy....come here...I'll tell you a secret! Don't put your arms in the sleeves, just wear it nonchalantly over your shoulders and BAM, you are in baby! And since it has been a blizzard here all day I will add an umbrella and scarf!

Here are some pics of how I style a Blazer with some Cowgirl Charm! Hope you are enjoying this series, it's actually one of my favorite parts of my blog! Hope you have a Fancy Day!!

A close up of the Steer Head Bling necklace.
Mother Nature gave me a little surprise wind gust!
The perfect pink hue for a cold and dreary day!!

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