Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check out Cache Valley Dairy's winning contest recipes

I entered Cache Valley Dairy's Signature Recipe contest a few months ago. I heard about the recipe contest on the radio and thought it might be a fun challenge. And the winner got $5,000.00. They had to be original recipes that you came up with and I didn't already have one that contained the necessary ingredients which were their products, like cheese, butter etc. I had a week to come up with something original so I went to work! Tried lots of different things and I came up with what is basically a batter fried mashed potato puff with melted cheddar in the middle. My kids loved that one the best out of all that I created so we went with that entry. It ended up being one of the winning recipes to be featured in their Signature Recipe Cookbook which is now down loadable from their website or facebook page. I encourage you to check it out. I wasn't the big winner ( I got a smaller cash prize, but it was super fun and definitely worth the effort!) My recipe is featured on page 9. If you are a local to Utah/Idaho consider getting a recipe in next year's contest!! I posted a link to their website if anyone wants to down load the recipe book.

Cache Valley Dairy website

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