Friday, May 18, 2012

To Risk or not to Risk...that is the question.

Today's blog posting is dedicated to all small business owners who have ever taken a risk for their dream. I have always loved to sew and create and have had a small business selling my wares for about 3 years now. I have decided to take a big risk and manufacture my dress designs. (This is a big change from me sewing and selling one dress at a time, this is 6 designs, multiple colorways, and about 1,400 dresses to be made in all. I won't be doing the sewing just the designing and choosing fabrics.) I write this post after having visited the bank  and feeling like they want everything but my kids as collateral to secure the loan for manufacturing costs. Can't blame them, they are taking a risk on me knowing what women want to buy and wear. But I keep thinking "you have got to start somewhere." If the bank won't loan me the money I will find another way. I won't give up on this dream. I put an email in to the "Shark Tank" hoping they need a stay at home mom that needs $30,000.00 to manufacture dresses to be on their show, but they haven't called yet. I won't hold my breath on that one! I have applied for women in business grants and such, I'm sure something will pan out. Doing something like this is such a financial risk with no guarantees yet I'm excited to do it! (What is wrong with me?!) I guess "I'd gladly take 10 seconds in the saddle, than a lifetime of watching from the stands." Chris Ledoux is one of my favorite country singers and that is a line from one of his songs that I happened to be listening to the other day when I was in my design studio (which happens to be my unfinished basement, so don't go all pinterest picturing in your head, it isn't that glamorous!) When I heard that song I thought to myself I would rather risk failing than to never risk at all and wonder what could have been. I would rather give it my all and hope for the best than to never try. I know so many friends and family struggling with self employment and dreams of success, this is dedicated to all those who are willing to risk everything to follow their dreams!