Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mom's Day is just a few days away and we all want to get mom something special. I have the hardest time buying my mom a Mother's Day gift because I never feel that what I get her shows just how much I love and appreciate her for all she did/does for me. So this year as I pondering what to do to show her I love her I thought of this idea. Get a clear plastic canister (the paint jug size). I got mine from a local copy/scrap booking shop, but I'm sure you could find them at any hobby, craft or scrap booking store. Then fill it with little gifts. The gifts I chose are things that represent something I love or appreciate about my mom or things she has taught me.  And then I enclosed a note that goes something like this....

Mom, as I was pondering what gift I could get you that would equal the love and devotion you have shown me over the years. Or a gift that would show you how much I love and appreciate you in my life I could not think of just one gift worthy enough. So I thought of a gift for each thing you are to me so here goes...
*A new pair of earrings because you've always been willing to lend an ear.
*A massage certificate to rub those shoulders you have always let me cry on.
*A new apron because you taught me so many of your domestic talents.
*Kleenex because you have always wiped my tears.
*Sunblock because you have never failed to protect me.
*A sleep/eye mask to rest those eyes that gave up so much rest on my behalf.
*A pack of gum because you are "Extra" special to me.
*Band aids because you always fixed my "boo-boos"
*Tylenol for all those headaches I must have caused.
*A lint roller because you always taught me to look my best.
*Hand sanitizer because you taught me it's a good thing to be clean.
*Mouth wash because you were always able to "Scope" out problems in my life.
*Lip gloss because I have always admired your beauty inside and out.
*And a candy bar because it was a real "Skor" when I got you for a mom!
So Mom, when you look at these simple gifts think of the ways that you have touched my life. And know that I love you for who you are and what you have taught me in my life.

(You could change any of the gifts or things you want to say to mom to make it more personal.)

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