Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ever have "One of those days?"

Wow, crazy day for me! It's after midnight and my day was a whirlwind! In between my normal mommy duties and feeding lambs, a friend and I were asked to make all the desserts for a church function that we attended this evening. I love big baking/cooking projects and I usually perform pretty well under pressure. I pretend I'm on an episode of chopped and and it's down to the last second and sweat is about to drip from my brow and the dish is perfect. Well... not so much today! I felt like I was living my dreaded cheesecake failure all over again! If you aren't familiar with this epic flop, visit an earlier "explosive cheesecake" blog post! You know when you have made something a zillion times before and never had a problem, but when you have to make 100 of something, everything seems to go wrong? That was my experience today. I made macaroons, for some reason today they wanted to crack and my butter cream wanted to separate! Ran out of butter and decided to try "food storage butter" on the eclair shells, yeah...not the same, they came out like sponges instead of cream puffs. I finally just decided for my own sanity and those around me, to put the spoon down and just walk away from the kitchen, LOL! What I ended up making was enough, and tasted yummy, it's just funny how sometimes no matter what, things just don't go your way and you have to just laugh, (or you might just cry!) The reason for my burning the midnight oil... I dirtied about every pan, bowl and mixing spoon I own. That was a lot of dishes to wash!

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