Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day and as I drove through small towns on our way to the lake for a day of fishing I couldn't help but feel patriotic as I saw so many flying the red, white and blue. The flag is beautiful as she waves in the wind. Got me thinking of the many who have sacrificed their safety and lives to protect our great country. A memory came to mind of a funeral I attended of an old friend years ago. He was an elderly gentleman, who had served in the military in his youth. At his funeral there were other veterans present dressed in their finest uniforms. In their aged state still took so much pride in their opportunity to serve. I mention this funeral service because it left a lasting impression on me. I have never heard Taps played live on a real bugle. The tune was piercingly beautiful and the military rifle salute breathtaking. Every time I see the flag I think of this sweet experience and all those throughout history that have given so much to create the great nation we have today. I saw a Facebook post that stated something to the effect that Memorial Day is not just a day off to bbq, but that we should remember the true meaning. So as I was fishing with my family know that I have a true appreciation in my heart for those many veterans who have paid the price for our freedom.

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