Friday, May 11, 2012


The rest of my blog postings this week just might be about Mother's Day and Moms. The reason, Moms are so darn important! Sometimes as Moms we might not feel important or validated because we often don't leave the walls of our own home. We do diaper changes, get spit up on, clean up messes; sometimes the same ones over and over again! (This is so funny, as I'm typing this, I hear "Mom, can you wipe my bum?") She has impeccable timing what can I say? So there was a pause for me to help out and yes, I washed my hands. As moms there may seem to be lots of unpleasant duties to attend to, but there are also some of the world's greatest joys and blessings! I heard someone talk about motherhood the other day and they said something like; there is nothing else in the world that can make you feel more humble or more proud, more tired or more full of life, more unappreciated or more loved, more sad or more happy! As with all things in life there is good and bad. As we find ourselves in those hard times or difficult days, let us try to remember those sweet moments and remember "this too shall pass." I am so grateful for the opportunity to have children of my own and to be able to stay at home and care for them. All moments may not be perfect fairy tales but real life isn't a fairy tale. It's real, sometimes really stinky and sometimes really sweet. I'm glad I get to ride the sweet Mom roller coaster of life! If you are a Mom, never under estimate the importance you are in your child's life, even if that child is 35 years old. (I swear I need my mom more now than I ever did as a kid!) What you are doing is important and don't let anybody else tell ya different! (Some important Moms in my life, My Mom and my Grandma).

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