Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Smocked or Shirred Headbands, tutorial on it's way.

I love headbands on my little girls but from the time they were little my husband has called them "brain squeezers" and basically banned them, not really, but he would always remove them given the chance! He always thought they were too tight and uncomfortable for the girls. So my new favorite way to make headbands is using shirring or smocking. If you aren't familiar this technique, it's using regular top thread and elastic bobbin thread, on a baste stitch, to create stretchable gathers that make everything cute and comfy too! (I am not going to give a tutorial on smocking or shirring as I have seen many good ones already floating around the internet, so if you want to learn the technique, google it and then come back to this for how to do a cute headband using the technique.) I'm not into re-doing things that are already being done well somewhere else. Here is my cute daughter sporting one I made her. I must say they are darling and the first one they have not complained that they hurt their heads and they keep them on all day!