Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Never thought I'd have a "kid car"!

In the past few days I have been getting to some of my least favorite jobs around my house. One of which was cleaning my truck. I tackled this duty this afternoon. Wowza! I never understood why people with kids had such nasty cars (this was before I had children). I'm afraid I am now one of those people! My truck looked like we could have lived for a week on what food was under the car seats. Did we go places naked? Because I swear we undressed and left all the clothes on the floor. Milk from sippy cups dripped down the seats. Finger prints on windows. Gum stuck to the drink holder, seriously? One of the mom's of my 4-H group said something like "please don't judge me", as I walked toward her car tonight. Obviously her's looked something like mine! I always thought "I won't have a gross car when I have kids!" All I can say now is "yeah right!" I spent many hours today making my truck look like it should. Wonder how long it will stay like that? (Well one trip somewhere and my kids already had shoes off and left in there. Drink bottle on the seat. I can see how it adds up. Each trip somewhere and at least one thing seems to be left behind. So like the boy scouts, I too, now have a "pack it in, pack it out rule". After each trip somewhere I am going to try to get my mess makers to get all their stuff out of my truck so it doesn't end up looking like what I just cleaned! Hope it works!! I now understand why people with kids have nasty cars. I have a nasty kid car!

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