Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shirred or Smocked Headband Tutorial

Instructions on how to make Smocked/Shirred Headbands:
Cut strip of fabric, I used a 4 X 44" strip, hemmed both edges using the rolled hem edge machine foot.

I did the smocking/shirring baste stitches down the length of the strip using the silver plate on my machine as my guide (to keep straight line), then when at the bottom I turned and went back up the strip with the baste stitch, using my previous stitch line as my guide this time, keeping the fabric pulled tight/flat as the machine stitches. I did 4 lines of stitches so there was space at the sides for a ruffled effect. When finished smocking stitches it looks like the ruffled piece above, then I used my spray bottle with water and hot iron to press it, then it tightens up quite a bit as shown below.

Then I stitched ends together (using regular thread, not elastic bobbin thread). I zigzagged the edges because I hate fraying. Then I folded hem to one side and stitched it down,so it would lay flat on the head and not be uncomfortable. Because all heads are different sizes before stitching your ends together measure the person's head whom you are making it for and trim to size if needed.

This is what you end up with.

Then I added a rosette flower using a 3" strip of fabric sewn with right sides together, with one end open and one end sewn closed.

Then using my "grabber tool" I turned it right side out, tied a knot in the end, and using hot glue I glued the end around the knot until I had a rosette. Then I added 3 pearls for embellishment and hot glued the rosette to the headband and wah-lah!


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